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PRESS RELEASE – 2021 brings new opportunities and a renewed focus on doing what we do best; providing independent, relevant expert advice on life insurance design and funding for families, businesses and Nonprofit organizations. For over 25 years, Founder and Principal Cory C. Grant JD has led teams and organizations in helping Americas wealthiest families…

SD500 – The most influential people in San Diego-2020 Edition

“They are the kinetic energy in San Diego. They make the place move. The 500 leaders profiled within these pages are the driving force behind the economy and the community in the southwest corner of the United States. Without them, the region stands still.” Cory is honored to be part of the San Diego Business…

Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium

The purpose of the Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium is to highlight current best practices, lessons learned from the field, and trends in effective nonprofit and philanthropic board leadership, as well as board recruitment and retention. Cory was pleased to be included as a speaker with the impact video: Best Practices in Executive Compensation for Nonprofit…

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